Variation Shader

I wanted to create a shader that could be used for game assets that needs a lot of visual variation. I chose to work in UDK because it’s a quick and easy way to test it directly in a game engine. The shader uses a black and white mask texture that gets its colors from gradient map, The black and white mask has each pixel basically substituted with the colors used in the color gradient. Each pixel has a value between 0-1. This value decides what color it gets from the color gradient. It is able to choose which gradient from the gradient map by changing a parameter value between 0 and 1.

AgainAgain  again

The shader also utalizes vertex paint to add even more variety. In this example it can add torn clothing and blood to the character.

VariationShader03 VariationShader01

The character mesh used to showcase this shader was created by NewArtist. It can be found on