Tools and Scripts

Tools for Tribal Conflict

Random Rotation and Scale tool

To make it easier for our level designers to place out objects i this that that randomizes between desired values on  selected object rotation and scale.


Camera tool

A tool that creates a camera in maya that has the same settings and distance to the objects as the camera in the game. This was done by parsing through the xml file that controls the camera in the game using its information on the camera created in maya. This made it a lot easier for the artists and level designers to check if there art or levels would look good in the game.


Scale tool

A couple of weeks into the project we discovered that all of our props in the game were ten times larger then they were supposed to. So I created a tool that changed the scale of selected objects with just a click of a button.


The artists asked for a quick way to deform surfaces. So I created this tool that moves selected vertices. The user can decide exactly how much the vertices should move by putting in min and max values in X,Y and Z in the userface.



To view the game click here.



Tools for Waste of Space

This was my first game project as a technical artist. My tasks were often to create tools but I also took part in creating the effects for the game. These are some of the tools that I created with Kasra Kalami to improve the process of making Waste of Space. To view the game click here

Re-path tool

We had a lot of problems with textures not having the correct paths in maya. It became rather annoying to fill in the correct paths for each texture for each object. So we created this tool that is easy to use when repathing of textures is needed. All the user has to do is select the shader and then select the folder that the textures are located in and click repath.

UV Scaler

A quick and exact way of scaling and moving UVs. Much needed due to the modular workflow used in the production of the game.

Add Suffix

The tool eliminates the risk of not following the naming convention set for the game.

Hide Show

The tool can quickly hide and show desired objects in the scene. This was done by selecting objects by their their names.




Color by Density

This is a tool that makes it easier for the user to keep an eye on their objects and find objects that either has way too many tris or way to few.

The tool checks the tri density of all polygon objects in the users maya scene. The objects can be colored depending on their tri density. The object with the lowest tri density will get the color green. The object with the highest tri density will be colored red. The objects that have a tri density that ranges in between are assigned a color depending on how close they are to the highest or lowest tri density, for example if an object has a tri density that is right in the middle of the highest and lowest tri density it will be colored yellow.

The user can also add an annotation above all objects which will display the number of tris that the object has.

ColorDens02 ColorDens01