Sci Fi Screen

This Sci fi screen was created in UDK. The screen is supposed to be a threat detector that’s used in airports and other high security areas in a not so distant future. The screen can switch between a male and female being scanned. By switching the gender option it also changes the name, age and hometown. The heart frequency will change depending on if the subject is guilty of previous crimes or innocent. Colors and the text of previous crimes will also change depending on if they are innocent or not. There is also a third option which will display that no data is found.

The material was a lot of fun to create with it’s various animated parts and its options. Trying to figure out just how all the animations were supposed to work was the most fun. The material uses various solutions to the animations. The heartrate for example only uses a black and white ramp which pans over the texture while the pulse going towards and away from the hand is done by using ramps connected to an If node with a sine connected to it.

Screen02 Screen01